Valentine’s Day Wreath


The front door on my house is pretty plain, so these past few holidays/seasons I have really gotten into making a wreath for the door to jazz it up a bit!! This wreath I made for Valentine’s Day was incredibly simple and didn’t take longer than about an hour. I don’t know about you, but I always love getting things on sale!! Everything used to make this wreath was on sale this past week at Hobby Lobby (as most things there usually are). You can always check online to see what items are on sale that week. BIG TIP: It seems like a lot of people don’t know about this, but if you have a smart phone and an item you want to purchase isn’t on sale at the time, you can just look up “Hobby Lobby Coupon” and a coupon on their website will actually come up for 40% off on regular priced item which is still a good bargain!! 🙂


1 spool of Valentine’s Heart Burlap Ribbon

1 Medium Sized (not large) Vine Wreath from the floral department. If you want a larger wreath I would get 2 spools of the burlap ribbon instead of just 1.

1 Spool of Red Velvet Christmas Ribbon (90% off!!)

1 Heart cut out of patterned scrapbook paper



This wreath was incredibly easy to make and I loved how inexpensive it was!!

-Unwind your spool of Valentine’s ribbon.

-Start weaving the burlap ribbon in and out of the vines of your wreath (Sometimes you can just tuck the ribbon in between vines and it will stay put just fine!!)

– After you have gone around the entire wreath with the burlap ribbon make a red bow with the velvet ribbon and off-set it on the left hand corner.

-Secure your red bow with some twine

-Poke 2 holes in your paper heart and pull the twine through the front in order to secure it on top of the bow.

-Hang it on your door and enjoy your masterpiece!! 🙂

Good luck!! Let me know how yours turns out!!


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