Valentine’s Day Decor

In my previous post I showed a Valentine’s day wreath I made, so it only seemed right to show off a little more of my Valentine’s Day Decorating for you!! I enjoy having my house look festive no matter what the occasion!! However, I don’t like spending a lot of money to accomplish this idea!! As easy as it would be to pick up every adorable holiday decoration I find at hobby lobby, I have to practice some self restraint for the sake of my wallet!! For the centerpiece on my  table I cheated a bit and dragged some of my Christmas decorations over into valentine’s!! For Christmas I had the same tray with the same white candles sitting on a cake stand and berries. However I had no red tablecloth and had green placemats instead!!  To crossover into Valentine’s I just added the red tablecloth, a red and white ribbon woven around my tray, and created some different sizes of hearts out of red vinyl paper and stuck them onto the candles!! As a finishing touch I sprinkled some conversation hearts on the tray leading off onto the table bit!! (I may have eaten a few in the process!!) Let me know what you think!! Enjoy, and happy decorating!! 🙂 Image


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