DIY Champagne Cork Drawer Knobs

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest (of course) and ended up finding a great tutorial for it on Dollar Store Crafts blog!! What a great idea!! I have a lot of extra corks lying around from where I work, and I thought this was the perfect way to use a few!! I just re-painted a cabinet in my kitchen and needed some knobs, so I decided to browse Pinterest and see what I could find as an alternative solution to buying new ones. This project couldn’t be any easier, and it actually turned out pretty cute!! Let me know what you think, and if you end up doing this project yourself!! Enjoy 🙂

You will need:

-Champagne Corks

-Screws with a sharp end (I used 2″)

-A screwdriver

(As she said on Dollar Store Crafts , I had all of these things on hand as well, so the project was FREE!!)

– Place the screws pointed side out in your existing knob holes

-Center the screw on the bottom of your champagne cork (Some corks have a dot already in the midde)

-Hold the screw steady with the screwdriver and twist your cork clockwise until its flat against your door/drawer surface

-Repeat until you are finished!!

-Enjoy your cute new knobs!! 🙂